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I have designed and created several other sites either for myself or for other people ranging from simple html based designs up to fully interactive designs using ASP.NET.

ISOPYL: This very site
This is my own personal site that I initially started as a quiz site but I also use it to try out design ideas and web programming stuff.

Technical details

Written in ASP.NET featuring a custom quiz engine, forums, custom authentication and user selectable look and feel (requires registration). The main section today is the guitar and ukulele tabs but they are not public at the moment.

montaSerra: My ukulele band site
We are three ukulele players and a bass player collectively called montaSerra and we are based in Newbury, England.

Technical details

Written in ASP.NET with an XML file containing all the data as it wasn't worth creating a database.

Big Cat Photography
Big Cat Photography Ltd. was inorgorated in April 2004 by Adele and Paul Simms. We are a wife and husband team aiming to promote and commercialise wildlife photography as popular art and for industry.

Technical details

This was a simple HTML site that I tweaked with a new stylesheet and layout to freshen up the look.

Photoscopic: My photographic site
This site was put together to show off some of the pictures that I and my fellow photographers have taken over the last few years. There is a section for each photographer and then further sub-sections that gather together related pictures.

Technical details

Written in ASP.NET with an MySQL backend. It was written in a way that text was kept to a mimimum to allow the photographs to take centre stage.

UK TV Adverts: My television advert site
This site is intended to satisfy those who are curious about the identity of the actors and actresses who appear in or do voice-overs for British commercials.

Technical details

Originally a simple HTML based site, it was re-written using ASP.NET with a MySQL database to include many interactive features such as forums and a guestbook, all written from scratch.

Perfect Day Wedding Photography
Hi, my name is Adele Simms and I am a friendly lady photographer. I provide a number of packages to suit a variety of budgets.

Technical details

My favourite method once again for generating a static site using a .NET application to make it easier to control layout and add extra elements. The site uses no tables but instead relies on divs and stylesheets for layout. It also seamlessly integrates with an existing album browser.

Newbury Model Railway Club
Welcome to the Newbury Model Railway Club web site. The club has been around in one form or another for over thirty years and currently consists of about 18 members.

Technical details

Again this is generated HTML pages using a .NET application. An XML file defines the site structure and page names and then the generator brings together the base pages, headers, styles and images to produce the site.

Wash Common Community Centre
The Wash Common Community Centre is located on Glendale Avenue and has a wide range of facilities.

Technical details

Written in PHP with as much of the layout and presentation hidden in included files to make updating of the site as easy as possible.

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